How do I get started?

Please contact us at (949) 387 – 5405 so that we may discuss your child's specific needs and provide you with an exceptional tutor. You can also submit an online tutor inquiry form on our website under Contacts.

What regions do you service?

At this particular time we service all of Orange County and have plans to extend our service nation-wide in the time to come.

How is theTutorGenius Service different from all traditional tutoring companies and learning centers?

There are a few important differences. First, all of our tutoring is designed solely for One-on-One instruction, as opposed to traditional learning centers which are comprised of group session consisting of a dozen students or more. Another difference is that we follow the student's curriculum from school. Our instructors will work with current classroom material, assist in homework assignments and prepare for upcoming exams. Therefore, what they learn during each tutoring session will be directly applied to their class work. Most importantly, traditional learning centers do not use the same tutor, session to session. Clearly this is a disadvantage for your child; they cannot develop a strong rapport with their tutor if that person is constantly being changed. The last difference comes in the form of payment to our company. Unlike all other tutoring companies we do NOT receive payment for sessions prior to the session. We only bill you once the session has been completed at the end of every week.

What makes theTutorGenius so unique?

Our Tutor Genius Directors recognize that a strong relationship and good match between a tutor and student is essential to the effectiveness of One-On-One Tutoring. Our expert tutors are highly motivating, personable, well-rounded and skilled in their particular subject matter to create an environment which encourages students to achieve, excel and succeed in their academia. We make every effort to stimulate our students about the learning process; instilling in them a sense of confidence.

Is it possible to receive One-On-One Tutoring at a neutral location other than my house?

Yes, tutoring can take place in any desired location it is not exclusive to your home. Some parents do choose to have tutoring at such neutral locations as libraries and coffee shops. Were not against this option but suggest In-Home as a more preferable option, because the fewer distractions to the student during the session the more productive it will be as shown through ease of subject matter and overall grades.

What time does tutoring normally take place?

We work around your schedule! theTutorGenius has private tutors available year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We keep ourselves available to work around our clients busy schedules. No matter how hectic your schedule is, we will be able to accommodate to your needs. The majority of our tutoring sessions are taking place between 3-5:30 and 6:30-9p.m., at the discretion of our clients when they would like to schedule sessions. Most all our tutors are available for sessions from 9a.m. to 9p.m. With that said, hours are often flexible and negotiable.

How do I schedule a session?

Please e-mail us at Info@theTutorGenius.com or call us (949-387-5405) or fill out a tutor inquiry form under our contact page to get information on our tutoring services and to schedule a session.

Are there a minimum number of hours a student needs to spend with the tutor every week?

No minimum hours per week. However, we request that each session be a minimum of 2 hours due to the fact that tutors have to drive to meet the student. We also do not recommend that each tutoring session exceed more than three hours in length. It is agreed by most researchers that a child's attentions span does not exceed longer than this length per session.

How much is the hourly rate for tutoring, and how is the hourly rate calculated?

Our tutoring rates are highly competitive and have been found to be more affordable then our major competitors. Pricing varies depending on type and extent of tutoring; package discounts are available in most cases. Please inquire for more detailed rates; this all depends on your form of tutoring.

How many hours a week does a tutor typically spend with the student?

The number of hours a tutor spends with the student varies. Some students only need 4 hours of tutoring a week while some students need 6-8 or more hours of tutoring per week. This truly does depend on your child's specific needs. After the first initial session, if asked our tutor can give their opinion on how many hours of tutoring would best benefit your child.

Are background checks run on the tutors?

Yes all tutors are rigorously screened and trained to extremely high standards. Each Tutor Genius will go through an interview process and then will undergo a thorough background check plus a screening process verifying academic certification prior to being assigned to any of our students.

What if I don't like the tutor?

If you are not pleased with the expert tutor selected, we will assign a new tutor at your request. We will work with you to obtain an ideal tutor and teaching plan for your child.

Can I get a discount or make any schedule changes directly through the tutor?

No. The only responsibilities of tutors are tutoring and creating a tutoring agenda. All payments and other administrative issues have to be dealt with through your Director at theTutorGenius.

Can I pay the tutor directly?

No you cannot pay the tutor directly. Tutors are strictly forbidden from accepting direct payments from parents and students. This is stated clearly in your contract with theTutorGenius plus also in the Tutors contract with us. It is part of your non-compete policy with our company.

Can I get a refund if I cancel a session?

If you cancel a session, you can reschedule a session for a later time during the month, all cancellations are done through your Tutor Genius Director. Refunds aren't necessary because you are only billed for sessions completed. Late arrivals and un-notified absences may be non-refundable. Excessive cancellations may result in the termination of services.

How does payment for the tutoring services work?

At the end of each week, a timesheet will be submitted by your tutor for the past weeks tutoring sessions. You will only be billed for sessions that have already taken place. At this point you will be sent your statement and a payment will be made by the credit card that you left with us on file.

Is there a start-up fee or any hidden fees?

No unlike most tutoring companies we have no start up fee or any hidden fees.

After inquiring about tutoring services, how long does it take to get started with the first session?

It typically takes less than a week to get an ideal tutor match for your child and for the first session to take place.

Does theTutorGenius have tutors who work with students with learning disabilities?

Yes, theTutorGenius does have specialty tutors on our team to accommodate any student with a learning disability. These instructors are limited so please make arrangements as soon as possible to make sure one is available.


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We've been with theTutorGenius for the past 6 months and are extremely happy with the tremendous progress our daughter has made in school. theTutorGenius provides convenient One-on-One In-Home Tutoring they have been a great and friendly company to work with.

- Sherry, Laguna Beach, CA