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Our Commitment

theTutorGenius is an Orange County, California-based company dedicated to providing the highest level of individual academic tutoring to all of our students. We understand that tutoring your child isn't just about passing the next test or earning a higher grade. It's about gaining confidence in academic subjects, developing a greater understanding of challenging material, and polishing skills for growth and success as a student.


Good academic tutoring sets up your child up to succeed, not only in the subject being tutored, but in all other academic areas as well. We at theTutorGenius, we employ the most talented and exceptional tutors who provide a personalized tutoring program for students of all ages and skill levels in all primary academic subject areas.

Our Mission

theTutorGenius is a company committed to developing students' academic potential by creating a unique and personalized teaching environment. We promote a child's intellectual growth by providing In-Home, Individualized, One-on-One Tutoring. Our Mission is to educate and motivate students to "Achieve, Excel and Succeed" in their pursuit of higher education. theTutorGenius...where knowledge is endless!


theTutorGenius Tutors

theTutorGenius tutors have a passion and ability to educate and motivate students. theTutorGenius stands out among other tutoring companies due to their comprehensive team. We have qualified Professors, High School Teachers and Expert Tutors all on our team at our clients' disposal; this extensive level of tutors is what sets us apart from other tutoring companies. Read More >

theTutorGenius only has talented and exceptional tutors as part of our elite team. All theTutorGenius tutors have academic credentials. Our expert tutors have or are in the process of obtaining professional degrees in different areas of education such as: Medicine, Nursing, Law, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Psychology, Engineering, Accounting, Social Work, Education, Sciences, Business, Humanities and Music. You can be assured you are working with a professional at theTutorGenius.

All tutors are rigorously screened to extremely high standards. All tutors undergo an interview process and thorough background check, plus a screening process verifying academic certification.

Personal and Customized Tutoring

Based on an initial consultation, our expert tutor will determine your child's strengths and weaknesses and will provide the most effective tutoring program to help improve homework efficiency, test grades, study skills and overall academic status.

Tutor-Student Matching

A Tutor Genius Director will assign an expert tutor based on the information you provide about your child's personality, educational goals, strengths and weaknesses. Once selected, we will send you a detailed biography and photograph of your expert tutor. Read More >

If you are not pleased with the expert tutor selected, we will assign a new tutor at your request. We will work with you to obtain an ideal tutor and teaching plan for your child. Additionally, our office will periodically contact you to discuss your child's tutoring sessions and satisfaction from our program and address any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

theTutorGenius Edge

In today's highly competitive environment, tutors are used for more than just “catching up.” In fact, they are often used to help students "get ahead" in school. Parents of high school students often choose supplemental education to give their child a distinct advantage when applying to increasingly competitive colleges. We provide the tools and resources to allow your child to achieve, excel and succeed in their pursuit of higher education.

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My son was failing high school and worried he would never finish. Tears came to my eyes when I saw him walk on stage and receive his diploma. Thank you for all the relentless efforts, even when I was completely hopeless. Your drive never faded. I am indebted to you.

- Monica, Mission Viejo, CA