College Prep

Excellent scoring is critical on Standardized Tests and key to acceptance into most Universities. A Tutor Genius Expert Tutor can assist your student in preparing for such exams and teach more efficient study skills. This in turn helps build self-confidence in subject matter, which will allow each student to increase test scores.


theTutorGenius offers specialty tutors for many of the major standardized tests. Preparation for such exams can be made easier with the right tutor. Tests such as the SAT and PSAT test students' verbal and math skills and translates them into a score ranging from 200 to 2400.


These standardized tests are still used as primary indicators of students' projected abilities for most U.S. Colleges and Universities -- especially for Ivy League Universities. Students in California are subject to the same criteria, as the UC system utilizes the SATs, along with overall GPA and application essays, as a key factor influencing acceptance and award consideration.

Our specialty tutors can help prepare your student for these exams. They will build confidence in your student prior to the standardized exams by studying the appropriate materials, providing realistic practice exams, teaching test strategies, and improving study skills.

Preparation for College Entrance

College applications are complicated and overwhelming for most students! Providing your student with a tutor who has already gone through the experience can be the right step toward getting your child comfortable with the college application process. Our Expert Tutors will assist your student in completing college applications before deadlines, preparing an effective personal statement essay, and selecting college courses toward a desired major.

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