Subjects Offered

Summer Tutoring

theTutorGenius provides a full spectrum of tutoring programs over the summer months. We continue to offer our regular services, including One-on-One In-Home Tutoring and skills improvement -- as well as offering educational support for any summer school classes.


Skill Improvement: The summer months are a great time to build and develop your child's academic and study skills. There is ample time to significantly improve their skills and self-confidence in anticipation of the new school year. In addition, if your child is behind in any subject, the summer also provides appropriate time to catch up.

Summer School Class Support: Whether your child is taking a required remedial course or a new course to simply get ahead, we can help them complete the task with ease. We will support them in the following ways: assist with homework assignments, review concepts from class, prepare for tests and quizzes, and instill strong study habits. Summer classes tend to be more intensive and fast paced than traditional classes. As such, assistance is critical during these months.

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Your life coach is PRICELESS; she helped my son through the hard times in high school... and provided excellent academic guidance.

- Marc, Laguna Niguel, CA