About Us

How Our Tutoring Service Works

When a prospective client is interested in our service, he/she will contact us and inquire about our tutoring service. Once a tutoring inquiry is received, based on the information provided about your child, a Tutor Genius Director will take the next step to match an ideal tutor with your student. Once that match is made, a Tutor Genius Director will contact you and email you the biography and photo of the tutor who has been selected based on the information you provided.

After reviewing your tutor's bio, and if you are pleased with the selected tutor, it is then time to contact your designated Tutor Genius Director and arrange the most convenient time and location (at your home, unless you request otherwise) for the first tutoring session to take place.

Our tutor will assess your child after the session to see how much work is needed to catch up to the class curriculum, determine what needs to be done to stay on top of homework and prepare for tests, as well as evaluate study skills.

At the end of each week, a timesheet will be submitted by your tutor for the past week's tutoring sessions. You will only be billed for sessions that have already taken place. At this point you will be sent your statement and a payment will be made with the credit card that you left with us on file. Truly, we are an innovative tutoring company that surpasses its competitors and provides exceptional service and Hassle Free Tutoring.